by Park Strangers

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released September 4, 2016

guitars: Vince Femia & Noah Weinman
basses: Adam Reed & Harry Justus
drums: Samuel Graf
recorded by Teddy Farkas and Noah Weinman
mixed by Noah Weinman
cover art by Ben Weinman & Paolina Fisher


all rights reserved



Park Strangers Los Angeles, California

Noah / Ned / Oliver / Ken


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Track Name: smelling orange from balloons
california, always getting father from me
i'm the first one to show up / the next one / the last thing i see
trying to stay occupied, i drew another line
trying to convey to you, that i'm doing fine
i'm howling out to pass with time
tried in vain to keep you off my mind
i'm being productive, i'm smelling all the orange from these balloons
i'm being productive, i moved this table all around the room
i'm howling out to pass with time
tried in vain to keep it off my mind
california, always getting farther from me
i'm the first one to show up / the next one / the last thing i see
living in regret is harder than they said it would be
but i can't let it go
moving on but moving slow
Track Name: celeste
who could ever love you, celeste?
you're bleeding in the bathtub
and you've torn your dress

who will ever love you, celeste?
you've battered all your insides
and you're clawing at your chest

i know why you're fearful, celeste
or is it out of my place
to go predicting your distress?

when we're looking at each other
tangled twined and blue
you don't like me
and i've always hated you
Track Name: eileen
eileen i can't seem to tell the difference between this year and last
reaching out in empty space, of view, of sanctuary,
but the novelty it always seemed to pass
what have you done that's new, eileen?
what have you done that's new?
because you always have the same complaints, eileen:
"just like you always do"
and i never thought to pass you eileen
but you moved without a sound
in frozen capillaries so exposed and seeping out onto the ground
and no one wins in sallow skins
when everything gets pulled through
and no one wins in sallow skins
when everything's been written out for you
Track Name: let it lie
like a dying star
i'm reaching out
cold air
nothing to talk about
i slept it off
just like i learned to do
fading back to black for you
i'm no good at getting to the point
i'm no good at getting through to you
my fingertips
peeling in the winter cold
sliding down
the angle of repose
i'm still no good at getting through
i'm drifting endless out of tune
i gave it up
lost it somewhere in the snow
let it lie
let it go
Track Name: backwards roll
does it hold the gravel how you want it to?
is this something you enjoy or just something that you do?
you're rolling backwards down the center aisle
your destination: down another mile
are you bored?
are you looking for a friend?
do you fear that you're bound to break again?
as the cars all pass you by
does it make you feel alive?
can you die?
are you trying?
go on! get back!
Track Name: the 10th (live)
you've been lying to yourself for years
nonchalantly swatting at your fears
but your smile plumes like matchstick
masked behind an anaplastic beard
kitchen television, volume high
stock footage of sunsets in july
gone before you knew it
watching helicopters pass you by
don't you want to know?
where your friends are going to go?
something soothing from a book you read
keeping furtive fears inside your head
curl up with your comfort
sleeping on an extra-long twin-bed

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